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Who We Are

Opera Libretto is a project to facilitate opera consumption making librettos freely available for everybody. We want to create a large collection of opera librettos and synopsis of operas and make them available in the Internet.

We would like that anybody listening to an opera was able to understand the story and the lyrics. Because of this objective, we have a functional approach rather than a philological approach. We will not usually report the variations of the librettos or the changes that tradition has made to the operas. We will try to stick to the most executed versions of the operas, the ones the user will be more likely to find in opera houses.

The Library will focus on the libretti of Italian operas, especially those that go from the mature Verdi to the “Generazione dell’Ottanta”. However, we will include all the librettos that we can provide. When it is possible, we will include a synopsis of the opera and some notes to guide the reader.

To access some librettos you may have to register to the website. Tre registration is totally free.

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